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ARTIST BIO: X-Phaze is a rapper and a hip-hop/rock band (band name is the same as rapper name) with styles ranging from pop and reggae all the way to electronic and dance. Their age range is from 16-18 and they reside from all over Northern New Jersey. The "X" stands as an unknown and a variable; we are the unknown, the winners of the losers bracket, and the outcasts of the incrowd.The Phaze stands for the different phases we each have to encounter through our daily lives in order to give true meaning to the X. Therefore, we cannot be phased. X-Phaze has 6 members; their rapper is AJ Mahyar, the guitarist is Blake Szostak, the drummer is Alex Herbert, the bassist is Tim Henshaw, the keytarist is Denzil Chambers, and the bongo/keyboard player is Austin Riddoux. With over 250,000 views on YouTube and winning Hot 97's "Time 2 Shine" Contest, and performing at the 2012 Bamboozle Festival, they are definitely beginning to make a buzz in the indie and internet world.
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