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King Jahmatik
Home: Gary, IN
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Style: Conversationalist | Score: 26
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ARTIST BIO: I am an artist that provides inspiration, hope and imagination with my music. My songs are crafted to make listeners laugh, think and dance. I make timeless music that reflects my community and the lives of me and my people.Get to know me!I keep my mind, body and spirit as healthy and as strong as I can. I am not religious and prefer to worship the Creator via a discipline of self-mastery via the practice of Hatha Yoga and Body Scuplting! I am a father, poet student, and friend. I can't possibly explain the totality of myself via this platform. However, this is just an introduction of me for those who wish to get to know me. I love, live and laugh a lot... I want all those who know me to be happy. I look forward to be a blessing and helping hand to all those that seek to better themselves.
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