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Farrah Boule Burns
Home: Arverne, NY
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Style: Specialist | Score: 48
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Call Farrah Burns the sister of hip hop invention; with her new highly anticipated sophomore album Oval Metal. She's established herself as a creative force all on her own. Successfully integrating rap, soul, Jazz, and R&B into her own sound.Her new cd Oval Metal is re-introducing you to lost art of story telling. Her first single "Milky" has a Smokey nostalgic flow with a contagious chorus "I like it when it’s milky/ and silky/ were we all get a long/ and we long to be filthy/rich beyond our dreams/ but the other side aint always what it seems" at the end of the day Farrah Burns is the truth.
Farrah is currently in rotation to a global audience on Phenomenal Radio!