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Julius Hitchye aka L's
Home: Kansas City, MO
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Style: Dabbler | Score: 17
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A MC from Flint, MI but to L’s home sweet home is called Fly City. L’s is as true to the letters MC as a king to his thrown. Born on July 7, 1985 Julius Alen Hitchye began his journey to the eye of the world, by way of the stage.Birthing Hip Hop Monkey Productions, which later evolved to Hip Hop Mastered Productions. Years after his first release L's has joined forces with Groove 101, a group of young Kansas City musicans, to perform all over the mid-west. This combination of live music and strong soulfull hip hop lyrics, brings a sound to the world that fans have never experienced.With his most recent releases "The Purple Tape" and now Jackin For Beats L's is reaching more fans that appreciate his catalog of music. Now all through the world there’s talk lingering in the air about an M.C. tearing microphone out the socket.
L's is currently in rotation to a global audience on Phenomenal Radio!