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ARTIST BIO: Punching above his weight in both the music industry and in the ring, 26 year-old Toronto-native rapper D’NME is honing his craft as a skillfully trained rapper. This unsigned Canadian rapper, performer, recording artist and self-made entrepreneur has over 200,000 hits on his YouTube music video of his first hit single “The Stars”, and over 2.8 million hits on his own 9thlawENT Channel respectfully. Additionally, D’NME’s musical influences and variances of rapid and aggressive rapping styles, which stem from genres such as Rock, Punk Rock, Country, Grunge and R&B, can be seen in his “Shade 45 freestyle” which was featured on Sway Calloway’s morning show on Shade 45/Sirus radio. Because of this plethora of influence, D’NME has created an unparalleled Hip Hop presence.