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ARTIST BIO: More than anything, Bronx-native Joel Daniels insists he is a fan of hip-hop. That comes first. But for Daniels, who’s stamped a handful of playfully street-savvy rap releases over the past five years under nom de guerre MaG, hip-hop was never a spectator sport. Growing up on Creston Avenue near 188th St thrust him into a musical pocket of salsa, reggae, and rap. But coming of age where Kool Herc sired hip-hop—much less during the vaunted age of New York nonpareils like B.I.G., Nas or a then up-and-coming Jay-Z—really left him one option. He’s a man of opinions. Then again, that’s not exactly a revelation considering his 2009 declaration: “This ain’t guns or trap - I’m try’na bring primo back.”
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