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R.O.D - Ride Or Die
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ARTIST BIO: So, what are you willing to “Ride or Die” for? Love,Loyalty,Respect, or all of the above? R.O.D. has set out to show the world that they are willing to ride or die for all of the above, especially their music. Hailing from Alabama, Wii2 and Rimmy formed the group R.O.D. because of their passion for music. Young and talented, they knew they had a purpose to speak for those that didn’t have a voice. They wanted to represent for the youth of their city, their community, and Alabama as a whole to show and prove that Hip Hop does reside in the South. With their country swag and charm, R.O.D. is not only reppin for the fella’s, but they are a definitely a hit with the ladies. They will give you that southern hospitality. Now Seniors in High School, as they get ready to walk across that big stage they also prepare themselves to rock every other big stage in this music game..
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