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ARTIST BIO: Creating good music is the motive for New York native artist Jeury San. The lyricist and vocalist from the Bronx have always had dreams of fame and the good life only seen on television. Having realized he had the skills along with the necessary drive and work ethic, he embarked on a musical journey. The artist put together his life experiences and wrote them on paper to be unleashed in the studio under dim lights and a microphone.He recently released his first mixtape of 2012 entitled “ShoeGazing On Amsterdam” on February 23rd, 2012. Fresh on the web, the mixtape has been accepted by the fans, the blogs, & even the radio. The first single from this EP, “Run Away” has gotten the recording artist great notoriety for the musical and creative risks he’s always willing to take.
Jeury San is currently in rotation to a global audience on Phenomenal Radio!