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M80 TheMC
Home: Saginaw, MI
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M80 was born Michael Walker and is a native of Saginaw, Michigan. M80 started off singing first, and then once he lost his voice, he began rapping. At the age of 20, you'd probably think that he's been on the mic for years and years when really, he's only been emceeing for 3 years. He got his first start in the early days of 2006, when a lot of mixtapes and non-creative music began to surface his hometown and had been overshadowing the hip hop music industry for a while by then. His brother Bishop was and still is a big influence in his life and on his music. By this time his brother had been emceeing since 1999. The name M80 came from the military in which they used them for interrogation tactics or explosive matters.
M80 is currently in rotation to a global audience on Phenomenal Radio!