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Qiayz La Beastress is a dominant lyrical force in the genre of hip-hop. In 1999 she began her heart felt push as a true artist by writing poetry and rhymes.The influences of lyricist such as Andre 3000, Busta Rhymes, and Eminem pushed Qiayz into emceeing in 2008. You can describe and compare her unique sound to that of a Brother Lynch Trina mixed with a dab of Lil Kim. The grind and dedication that she displays has got her global attention & opportunity, including opening up for Def Jam artist YG at Club Phx in Phoenix, AZ in 2011. Qiayz has a brand new mixtape which offers 14 tracks from her 2nd project: “Myriad of Murders”. Make sure not to under estimate La Beastress or find yourself victim to a lyrical homicide.
Qiayz is currently in rotation to a global audience on Phenomenal Radio!