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Who is A$troe The Future

Over The last 2-3 years A$troe, Cornelius Global Producer Cotton, has taken his company GOT THAT MUSIC LLC to the four fronts of hip-hop. Producing music for thousands worldwide, obtaining national exposure as an original musician who can produce and magnify songs that this generation has embraced. A$troe is hip-hop's premiere rapper super producer! A$troe has successfully performed over 500 live shows, released multiple selling projects and started a power house company that has fueled the music business, as well as continued to support other serious music business professionals making their way to success. If your wondering why this looks to good to be true, this is because there is only one A$TROE. "Finally... Hip Hop Is Home"...

A Breath Of Fresh Air by TYRONE BRADLEY

This Dude is an inspiration to the Hip Hop/Rap Game, his flow is flawless and the unique sound of his voice will surely propel him into hip hop history. "It Feels Like" is one of them joints that gives hope to a city that feels hopeless and artist that have no faith in the system, no matter what city you rep, Astroe stands in the gap representing the Here and Now. Keep Doing What You're Doing, We Stand With You. Much Respect, Tyrone Bradley

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