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Who is Lamma

When you think of a LAMMA, you automatically think of a gun. Well get ready, this LAMMA spits more than bullets. He spits nothing but hot humid A-bomb lyrics for the hardcore followers, deep thinking scriptures for the divine and sub-conscious minds (metaphysical souls), fresh club bangers and compositions dedicated to females with a flow that is undeniable, unique, nourishing, and new that has never been heard in Canada yet alone the world. All shall embrace... "The LAMMA".

LAMMA is on a fast track to becoming the next hip-hop sensation out of Toronto, Canada with a versatile talent in song writing and unique energetic rap skills set him apart from many up and coming artists in Canada. He is here to leave a blueprint and engrave his name in the Hip-Hop industry. 2011 is here and 2012 is upon us. Defeat does not exist in LAMMA's mindset, but longevity does and the divine being he is has what is takes to remain and be relevant in music, PERIOD! This is what the game needs, a new change, a new look, a new sound, a new weapon... Ya'll been warned

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