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Who is Daeshawn

Born and raised in the infamous Scarborough, Daeshawn took his first steps in the shoes of a rapper early. Given the name by his closest relatives meaning "God Is Gracious", due to his near death experiences at birth and at age 3, Daeshawn is the truth to the overwhelming amount of "fakes" in the game. Inspired by life and rappers such as Mobb Deep, Common and Nas, he has gained respect and the underground "street pass". Daeshawn has moved past the mimicing, industry politics, and fake personaes used by the industry to "make the sale".

Straight goods, Daeshawn is what is real..Period. But he aint stopping there. Backed by an onslaught of crowd moving beats, life inspired lyrics and a stage show that rivals some of the best, Daeshawn is poised to take the industry by storm......Plain and simple Daeshawn is the TRUTH. Recently Daeshawn took the time to let us know about future projects he has in the works. Number one on his list is of course his "Now Or Never" E.P, but also in the works is yet anotherhighly anticipated project "The Definition", a collaborative effort with powerhouse R&B singer Chris Jackson. "We've been working on this one for a damn long time" say Daeshawn, "The problem is we're both perfectionists so you can only imagine how that's working out lol".

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