#London Terra Slim

Who is Terra Slim

Terra Slim: I have been releasing music since 2001 when my track 'Tube Map' (which was featured on Dj Whitecoats FCUK vol 1) recieved 2 good reviews in Hhc magazine. After a string of peformances i went to release my first official single alongside A.C called 'In England' in 2002 the following year in 2003 i released 'Go-Go' my first solo single, which also featured on Genesis and Answers mix cd FTP Radio. In 2005 came the release of the A.C and Terra mix cd, Human Trashwhich after receiving support by Ras Kwame, Tim Westwood, Bobby and Nihal, Semtex and many other established dj's in the UK. With a Video for the title track receiving alot of airplay on Channel U and MTV the CD went on to sell over 22,000 copies in the UK, these sales where matched by the follow up 'Youthanasia' which was released in 2007.

Shortly after the release of Youthanasia i began travelling to Holland where i have worked with DeRus and hip hop/dancehall artist Black Peter fka Gl@mm@ and France where im am aligned with Ego 6 and Booty Call DJ crew. Since the beginning of 2010 Terra has joined Statement Music which is the netherlands based record label founded by Black Peter and also features Dirty Wille. Terra Slim is a London based rapper with 8 years of releasing independent music. He has peformed all over the UK and also in France, Holland, Norway, Greece and Germany

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