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Since the beginning of the southern hip-hop movement Alabama has lacked the representation to prove to the world that we are a talented power house. In 2005 King David emerged from the small town of Prichard,AL as the C.E.O. of Lordstyle Entertainment to begin leading the way for all hip-hop artists in Alabama. Lordstyle was created in dedication of King David's long-time friend Edwan Hosey(R.I.P) whose life-long dream was to create music. King David started Lordstyle Entertainment with a vision, a few artists and two models. After realizing it was going to take more than nurturing his artists in the way he wanted them to grow, King David took it upon himself to begin dropping mix tapes. Back to Skool was the first street banger to come out of the Lordstyle camp followed by Hard Hittin' Hillbillies Vol.1, Stuck In That Alabama Mud Vol.1, Roach Spray, and coming soon the Lordstyle Mafia Mixtape hosted by Mr. TOO Official. King David has also been featured on many other mixtapes such as: DJ Ames "The UK's Mixtape Messiah" Grind Time hosted by Murphy Lee, DJ Chief Hustle Boy's Hoods Of America Vol.1, DJ Big Show's Welcome To Alabama, DJ Frank White's Gump's Most Hated Vols.1&3, and King David also plans to drop his first full length album by the end of 2009.

King David has never been modest on his journey to greatness, and on any given day you can catch him hard on the grind in the streets passing out fliers and cd's, hanging posters, or on the internet promoting his music worldwide. In 2007 King David was finally recognized for his superior grind style by Dead Serious T.V. in Auburn Alabama. King David was nominated for the Dead Serious Award On the Grind, and won. In 2008 King David was invited back to the Dead Serious Awards winning the coveted Internet Swag award, and was also nominated for the Most Hustle award and the Impact Artist of the Year award. Most recently King David has been nominated for the 2009 Indy Rap Artist of the Year by the SEA, and the Hardest Grinding Artist by Real Talk Magazine (Mobile, AL) in which King David was also featured in the second issue of Real Talk Magazine in 2008. In addition to being a C.E.O and artist King David is also a skilled business man.

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