#WashingtonDC - "Socz"

Who Is Socz

Socz was born, raised and currently residing in Washington D.C. (The Nations Capital). He is a regular low key dude from "Uptown", the lyrics will inspire you and the soulful heart felt songs are versatile. Music with intellectual definition and a wise/honest representation of Life. Listen, don't judge were all humans and None of us are Perfect. Hip-Hop is A Way of Life and I Have A Dream, So don't judge us, to each is own. Words are wise and from the soul when spoken with honesty,"In God We Trust", "By Any Means Necessary". Listen and rewind it again. Hip-Hop/Soul....Most Lyrical, no stunts, no disrespecting, no wellin, just good music. What's wit it.........Plus we do keep it real doe. One of the many lyrical MC's from "The District"

He’s also a wise renaissance man who developed a uniquely "Crank'n" rhyme style and an affinity for soulful/ realistic type lyrics. Unified Realete Music is a label that covers all genres of music from Hip-Hop, Hardcore, Political, Go-Go, R&B, Neo-Soul, Reggae and more. Socz is a great song writer, producer, over typical hard working man and oh yea plus he’s a good earner.
Unified Realete Music presents:
Past 2 The Present (The Mix Tape Vol.1) new Realease may 1, 2010 promo only
With tracks from the upcoming double album: I AM HIP-HOP/The Debut
Another one of our motives is to bring the message of “HOPE” to all.

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