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Stretch Money Da Man Ya Understand That!

Born in the heart of Detroit in 1984, Daran McCullough is a true testament to overcoming the odds that were so clearly stacked against him. While Daran was a youngster, his father succumbed to the addiction of drugs. Raised in a single parent home, Daran was only15 years old when he was forced to provide for his family. He too was caught up in the inner-city life, but only for a moment.

In 2003, President and CEO of Hot Lava Records, Crane Novacane, overheard Daran rapping. Immediately, Crane knew Daran had the talent to become a multi-platinum artist. Therefore, Stretch Money was born and the medium for Daran's gift was found.
Stretch's allegiance to Hot Lava and Crane extends far beyond money. It is based upon the belief that the Hot Lava family will create a legacy that will endure long in the heart of Detroit

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