#Greensboro - Ed E Ruger

Who is Ed E Ruger

From the triad’s capital, Greensboro, North Carolina comes the best recipe for a spectacular, fresh yet familiar emcee, who has easily been coined as “The New Breed Of Hip Hop.”
Ed E. Ruger has been showcasing his energetic and vivid rhyming talents with an unmatched grind and work ethic.
Starting out as a battle rapper his in your face freestyles blended in with his crowd hyping ability took over the North Carolina underground by storm. With his never ending hunger for his music the storm has yet to be silenced, in fact it just gets bigger.

-The Southern Bull 2006
-Shots From Tha Ruger 2007
-Reloaded 2008
-Brown Bag Special Vol 1 w/ Ty Bru & DJ Phillie Phresh 2009
-Lights Out 2010
-Ziplocked & Loaded 2011

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